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A true story of one man growing up in a devout Jehovah’s Witness family before being dramatically shunned. This man has a heartbreaking tale to tell and it’s not like any you’ve heard before. However, like any great story of trials, there is hope.

This is an intimate story of escape from religion, to love, loss and triumph. Blends delicate storytelling, spoken word and song. You’ll tear up, you’ll chuckle, you’ll question everything. One big man, his little instruments, his story.

“Courage-filled, brave, heart-felt” ★★★★★
“Fantastic, emotional, funny. Everything in one show” ★★★★★ Audience Review
“You’ll wonder what the hell we are on this Earth for” ★★★★☆

I’m a born and raised South Australian boy. I spent my youth growing up in Gawler, straddling the fence between city and country. My parents are devout Jehovah’s Witnesses and they raised me as a fundamentalist Christian. We would attend meetings, listen to bible lectures, and often go preaching. For the first 27 years of my life, I followed their example. I married young, remained (somewhat) chaste, and followed the narrative of a good Christian life.

However, my discontent with the doctrine eventually boiled over and I left the religion in dramatic fashion at the end of 2014. In an instant, I lost everyone I’d even known and loved in life up until that point. My parents shunned me, my friends abandoned me, and my marriage soon ended.

I was in the middle of the darkest chapter of my life. Facing the horrific consequence of not following the beliefs I was taught, I had lost everything. However, through great loss, came incredible opportunity. Free from the insular limitations of the church, I was given the gift of a big bad world with all its colour and splendour.

In the beginning, I was completely unable to share the story of what had happened to me. I was ashamed of where I’d come from. However, as I started opening up, I found listeners were eager to hear more. The story seemed to resonate and inspire listeners. Perhaps because we all have our own demons to shed.

I was gifted a ukulele at my first ever birthday party in July 2015. In time, I learnt to play, to sing, and to write my own music. At the same time, I immersed myself in spoken word communities. Through these creative outlets, I discovered a way to tell my story.



C venues – C royale - studio 1


15-27 August



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