The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Sign

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Written & Performed by Joanne Hartstone
Production & Lighting Design by Tom Kitney
Original Direction by Vince Fusco

An aspiring actress clutches the sides of the 50 foot Hollywood Sign, looking out over the lights of Los Angeles, and the studio system that produced her nightmare. It is 1949: Truman is President, Marilyn Monroe is a little known model who poses nude for an art calendar in order to recover her impounded car, and nobody has ever heard of Evie Edwards…

Hartstone charts a nostalgic journey through the Golden Age of Hollywood, told from a fresh and dark perspective. A play with music about the quest for fame, inspired by the forgotten histories of Hollywood’s Dream Factory.

The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign includes songs composed for cinema’s greatest stars – Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow and more. The show’s affecting Technicolor-styled performance makes a poignant statement about the human cost of America’s Tinseltown.

“It’s a tale we’ve heard a hundred times before – of broken dreams and shattered lives. But not like this. Not with such emotional truth; not with a roller-coaster ride of feelings, rising to the crest of hopeful possibility and plummeting to the depths of reality, rolling along the rails of innocence into the pit of naivety, only to pick oneself up and resume the steep climb towards the impossible star.”Peter Wilkins, Canberra Critics Circle

WINNER Made In Adelaide Award – Adelaide Fringe 2017
WINNER Holden Street Theatre Award – Adelaide Fringe 2017
WINNER Producers’ Encore Award – Hollywood Fringe 2017
WINNER TVolution Platinum Medal – Hollywood Fringe 2017
WINNER TVolution Best Solo Show (Female) Award – Hollywood Fringe 2017

“Theatre at its best – profound without being maudlin, sassy, smart, and above all edgy. This is an iron fist of a script nestling in a velvet glove.”★★★★★ Dan Lentell, Edinburgh49

“Joanne Hartstone is an all-round entertainer, oozing comedic, dramatic and musical talent in this magical performance. A true Super Star is Born.”★★★★★ Vivien Devlin, Edinburgh Guide

Joanne Hartstone is a multi-award winning South Australian theatre maker who produces shows on three different continents. She is an actress, singer, writer, director, theatre producer, artistic director and teacher. She has participated in the 2018 Adelaide Cabaret Festival, 12 Adelaide Fringe festivals, 7 Edinburgh Fringe festivals, 1 Melbourne Fringe, 1 Hollywood Fringe and debuted in New York in 2018.

“One of Adelaide’s most prodigious stage talents”The Advertiser
“Joanne Hartstone is an all-round entertainer, oozing comedic, dramatic and musical talent… A true Super Star is Born.”Edinburgh Guide
“Joanne Hartstone has a distinguished track record in Adelaide Fringes as both a performer and an artistic director, and the excellence goes on.”The Barefoot Review

Joanne’s solo-show The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign won the inaugural Made In Adelaide Award and the Holden Street Theatres’ Award for the 2017 Adelaide Fringe. When the show travelled to Hollywood, Joanne won the Producers’ Encore Award, the TVolution Platinum Medal, the Combined Artist & Fringe Management ‘Pick Of The Fringe’, Better Lemon’s Critics Choice Award, and the TVolution Best Solo Show (Female) Award and was nominated for a host of other awards.

Joanne’s second solo show That Daring Australian Girl won both the BankSA Best Theatre Week 3 Award and the Sunday Mail’s Award for Best Solo Show (Female) during the 2018 Adelaide Fringe. Her season received great acclaim and packed houses!

Joanne graduated with a Bachelor Creative Arts (Honours) from Flinders University Drama Centre. She was nominated for the Emerging Artist of the Year by the Adelaide Critics Circle and has been nominated (twice) for the Adelaide Theatre Guide’s Best Female Performer (Professional). Further acting credits include stage performances in David Mamet’s Oleanna, The Storm by Liam Ormsby, Stephen King’s Misery, and screen performances in Foxtel’s Deadline Gallipoli and the History Channel’s Changed Forever.

Joanne is also a prolific theatre producer and presenter, and has enabled over 70 productions in the UK, the USA and Australia. She is the Artistic Director of the Noel Lothian Hall in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens for the Adelaide Fringe and has won multiple awards for her shows including Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Awards, the Peace Foundation Award, Adelaide Critics Circle Awards and the Sunday Mail Best New Venue, Best Collective and Best Return Season Awards.



Assembly George Square Studios – Two


3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 August



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