Scientology: The Musical

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You wouldn’t become a Scientologist, would you?

Australian comedy group, George Glass, invite you to be inducted to the Church of Scientology. Can you resist? Only one way to find out!*

Sailor outfits, wedding dresses, magic, live rock music and the secrets of the universe**. Fresh from sell-out shows on their Australian tour, see this cult classic before they get sued!

“The music was quite amazing”The Advertiser
“intelligent and satirical”
“…a hit in Adelaide and Edinburgh”an actual Scientologist
“it was a risk coming into Victoria”that same Scientologist
“a loud and and enlightening hour… you will have a blast”Stage Whispers

George Glass is an Adelaide based transmedia cryptocurrency and machine learning comedy group who have performed in festivals around the world for the last seven years. They also have their own currency, Glasscoin.

With an eclectic mix of instruments ranging from funk guitar and bass all the way to piano accordion and saxophone, George Glass have brought to life a unique brand of music-comedy. Writing and performing musicals about funeral homes, pornography and politics, George Glass have now turned their compass toward religion, using Scientology as the springboard to open the conversation.

With the release of their debut album ‘Scientology The Musical’, George Glass are taking their show of the same name to Edinburgh and the US in their quest for comedy glory and musical enlightenment. They are also selling their own energy drinks – Almond Energy, which is only 2.99 a can or 17 Glasscoins. Almond Energy – nature’s super-drink, bust a nut today!



Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre - Basement


1-26 August



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